• To BK Butler Staff,
    Two weeks ago I purchased, from your Co., a TUBE DRIVER BLUE 475 Butler Amp. for my 2004 Dodge Viper. The installation was performed by "Maximum Threshold" Custom Car Audio here in Canada. Here are my first impressions:

    When I e-mailed you some technical questions, two weeks ago, about the TDB475, appropriate answers were returned to me within the hour and someone from your technical department followed up with a phone call to me that same day... I was so impressed by your dedication and expertise that I immediately purchased the Amplifier. Shipping was a no problem experience. You even assisted in tracking the parcel for me. Kudos to your organization!

    Enough of this administrative "back patting" and lets get to the other reason why I am writing to you: The TUBE DRIVER BLUE "Sublime Sonic experience!"
    An absolute thrill. The music produced by this amp. is strong, clear, discriminated, with no distortion or "cracking", even at the high end dB. The sound is "rich", "velvety" and "warms up" as the tubes heat up (usually after running for about 30 to 45 min). Then the cabin becomes filled with this "real" 3-D musical "deepness" that can only be surpassed by a live musical presentation.

    For me, this is the most Sublime Electro Sonic any speed! Thank you BK Butler.

    Waterloo, Ontario Canada

  • BK-
    Hi. Ian Tracy here. I bought the 5150 last year for my home theatre here in Bellbrook, Ohio outside of Dayton. You even signed it for me. I matched it up with a Krell pre-amp, 2 Klipsch Horns, 2 rear Heresy II, a Bell for my center, and the RW 15" Klipsch Sub. Now one year later we have had nothing but perfect performance!! That Amp is the greatest!!

    Thanks again. Thought you might like a follow-up.

    Ian Tracy