"It is by the straight line and the circle that the first and most simple example and representation of all things may be demonstrated, whether such things be either non-existent or merely hidden under Nature's veils."
Excerpt from * "The Heiroglyphic Monad"
First published: London, England, 1564

The One - The Center of All...  
What better description could there be for the most revolutionary, most unique, most beautiful amplifier technology and design of the century.

After more than 25 years of designing vacuum tube related musical equipment for the most critical professional clients, BK Butler has produced his most remarkable achievement yet: "MONAD: The One"

Designed from the ground up for the most discriminating of music lovers, MONAD embodies a unique
Class-A version of BK Butler's patented Tube Driver BLUE Thermionic technology. This circuit design is specially tailored to extract the ultimate in thermionic performance from the highly regarded family of 300B vacuum tubes; deep, rich musical textures with transparency, detail, liquidity and a relaxing naturalness of sound are all combined with unmatched power delivery, authority and control.

MONAD allows you to enjoy a relaxing, set and forget musical experience never before possible. Imagine owning a 300B tube-driven amplifier where you NEVER have to replace the tube** or concern yourself over such things as: microphonics, which speaker to use because of power output limitations, endless adjustments and maintenance to maintain maximum performance, warm-up time restrictions, high heat generation limiting equipment positioning or any of the other nearly endless weaknesses inherent in all other tube amplifier designs.

All of this is possible due to the remarkable MONAD circuitry coupled to an equally incredible one-of-a-kind power supply with more than 2 Farads (thats over 2 million µF) of filter capacitance, effectively creating a storage battery for the Class-A output stage. Power supply sag and the need for outboard line filtering are virtually eliminated.

BK Butler's vision of MONAD extends beyond this remarkable amplification technology. MONAD is housed in a chassis that is itself a design and engineering marvel. Constructed entirely from billet aluminum and requiring hundreds of hours of machining to achieve it's jewel-like finish, MONAD is embodied with incredible structural rigidity and an inherent immunity from stray RF. Ultra high quality Cardas® and Neutrik® connectors are used exclusively. Mechanical grounding is exceptional; the chassis feet are custom made for Butler Audio, arranged in a triangulated format and act as vibration isolators. Another example of the painstaking detail taken in MONAD's mechanical design is very commonly overlooked: There are NO visible screws on the outside of the main chassis!

Every detail of MONAD embodies the performance and quality that BK Butler and his loyal customers demand...  "uncommon attention to detail and unquestionable performance."

*To read more about the "MONAD" philosophy, click here.
**Except in the case of breakage. Consult the warranty section for more details.