Home Theater Cover Here's what they said:

"The Butler Audio TDB 5150 is a breakthrough product that serves two masters (vacuum tube and solid state topologies) exceedingly well and also serves the two masters of demand (music and film reproduction) equally well. A true giant killer."

"Solid beautiful design."

"Does not seem to run out of steam under heavy loads."

"Incredible speaker control."

"Shockingly cool-running."

"Impressive grip on bass; detail galore without etching or compression under dynamic film requirements."

"Exceptionally convincing and involving reproduction of sound-tracks and music."

"Music became a joy to listen to for hours, without that dreaded listener fatigue setting in."

"If you're not afraid of an amplifier with a unique topology that performs as if it costs more than double its asking price, look no further than the Butler TDB 5150."
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