New Limited Production! The 'Real Deal' Tube Driver from the Original Designer!

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Due to the continuing requests for my limited production original design Tube Driver pedal, here are the details:

Here's how they look: ENJOY!

Tube Driver Angle View

Tube Driver Front View

Tube Driver Bottom View

Due to the fact that my Tube Drivers are one-off Limited Production items, I do not offer a return policy. Each pedal takes me several hours of my personal time. You will get exactly what is described herein: the REAL thing from the ORIGINAL designer with a solid 3 Year warranty. If anything goes wrong during that period, just send it to me and I'll fix it! Here's your limited chance to get an Original Tube Driver. NOTE: I cannot guarantee I'll continue production for any amount of time. When this Limited production run ends, it's over!

BK Butler Signature